Local Art Communities Help Increase Artist Exposure

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All artists want their art to reach as many people as possible. Local art communities can have a major impact on a local artist's reputation and gaining a following, even increasing the following nationally. Artists need to seek these communities out and get involved. If there isn't one in your community, it is a great opportunity to establish a new group of like-minded individuals who care about art.

While it's not easy to do, there are people in the community who would be happy to help establish or expand the community, whether it's working within a formal structure or informal. Some of the biggest art and community advocates will be found within the local business owner associations, as well as media sources such as newspapers or magazines. You can also find people who may be interested in establishing a local art community already involved in other community groups, there is a lot of crossover you see when you start learning about the community movers and shakers.

All communities have people who care about art and when they meet and discover similar goals and interests, great things can happen. Case in point, kickstART farmington was first formed a few years ago by a group of city residents who wanted to bring more art into their community but did not feel the current offerings from the city were enough. Forming the non-profit group brought some much-needed guerilla-marketing efforts to the city, including movie nights and the innovative Free Art Friday, a scavenger hunt where people hunt for local art strategically placed throughout the city and post their finds on social media. Since forming, the group has since flourished and is holding the Farmington Film Festival in March for the third year in a row.

Local art communities have the ability to get an artist's work publicized in a multitude of ways. One easy way is through social media. People love to belong to groups, a Facebook group is a fast way to learn who your supporters are and maybe can even inspire artists to create more work and share among art lovers. Interviews or photos with artists can be posted, tweeted and added to other social media sites for added exposure.

Community events have a positive impact on an artist's reputation. Events like silent auctions, award dinners and other community events focused on the arts are usually backed by the local art community and should be supported by artists when possible.

Local art groups, whether formal or informal, are a much-needed part of any thriving community and will add value to your community if supported and encouraged, as well as offer support to the artists who live and work in their community.