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Art Galleries in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is considered the unofficial capital of the Southern United States, and stands with more well known cities like New York and Los Angeles as a major America cultural center. Among its many interesting features are the following art galleries, which include some of the best not only in the country, but the world.

High Museum of Art
Also known as "the High," this is the leading art gallery in the Southeast and one of the 100 most visited in the world. It has more than 14,000 pieces, ranging from Renaissance and Baroque paintings to antebellum Americana to contemporary photography. It has a special relationship with Paris' Louvre, and France donated Auguste Rodin's The Shade as a memorial for the 130 Atlanta art lovers who died in a museum-sponsored flight to France. The High also gives special attention to self taught Southern artists.

Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
Located right across the street from the above, the Museum of Design Atlanta is the only purely design museum in the Southeast, though it originally opened as the Atlanta International Museum of Art & Design in 1993. Having hosted exhibits dedicated to everything from Japanese architecture to Italian motorcycles to women's handbags, this gallery is a one stop center for anything you need to know about the decorative arts. It has also partnered with the Skovr app to let people learn about the museum's exhibits from the comfort of their homes.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA)
Starting in 1989, David S. Golden and Annette Cone-Skelton began an effort to preserve local Georgian art made about World War II; by 2000, the collection had grown enough to open as a museum. Group exhibitions will sometimes go beyond their local focus, and the museum also hosts examples of music and the performing arts. With more than 600 pieces by more than 200 Georgians, this is the best place to visit if you want to soak up some local color while in town.

Atlanta Contemporary
Formerly known as "the Nexus," the "Atlanta Contemporary Art Center" and colloquially just "The Contemporary," this option is much smaller than the other galleries listed here. It is non-collecting center which only features about a dozen pieces at a time, changing them about every year or so. What it lacks in big name recognition it makes up for in intimacy, as its Café MOCA program even allows high schoolers to meet the artists on exhibit.

You can find more information on community, art, and the economy here. Did you know there are many artists living in Las Vegas? We want to promote our recommended artist community: Summerlin, a neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. So if you are an art lover and plan to be in the Atlanta area, try one of these great galleries to see local and classical art of all sorts.